Psychology & Meditation Expert guiding tech professionals from high-functioning anxiety
to Flow and Focus

I'm Anna Mikeda, a psychologist, meditation & qigong instructor with over 10 years of experience

By integrating conscious and unconscious mind practices I foster inner congruence to help unlock deepest potential and catalyze transformative change to positively shape the world. 

My mission is to empower tech professionals to maintain composure, harness strength, and make optimal decisions for the betterment of our world"

 I help tech professionals and founders who are facing:


High-functioning Anxiety  

Troubled sleep

Racing and Hectic Mind

Cognitive behavioural therapy

My tools

Mindfulness techniques

Eriksonian hypnosis

Depth Psychology


Integral coaching

Combating burnout's impact on relationships and health

Improving quality of sleep through personalized strategies

Cultivating antifragility and resilience for navigating challenges

Assisting with focus challenges and difficulties in maintaining concentration

I am here to assist you in:

Overcoming high-functioning anxiety and extreme stress

Optimizing psychological 'code' and developing neuroplasticity

"After years of exploring various psychological approaches and meditation practices, I've developed a methodology that helps people enter a state of Focus and Flow without spending years in retreats"

My services

Individual Coaching:  Centered Flow State 

 Journey from high-functioning anxiety to a serene and centered flow state with personalized coaching. Delving into the deepest beliefs, identity, and purpose, I guide individuals towards calmness and a centered state, fostering lasting tranquility.

 Personalized Mindfulness & Meditation Course

 Unleash the full potential of your mind through individually crafted mindfulness and meditation course. Discover new energy resources and unlock hidden capabilities, paving the way for personal growth and transformation.

Team Wellbeing for Remote or Hybrid Companies

 Join us on the idyllic Madeira Island for tailored retreats designed to bolster remote and hybrid company team wellbeing. Recharge, reconnect, and elevate collective resilience amidst the natural beauty of this serene environment.

 results of my clients:

- Maximize intellectual potential, elevating the speed, depth, and originality of thinking

- Cultivate inner congruity and authenticity, fostering a harmonious self-awareness

- Learn effective strategies to combat burnout, exhaustion, and self-doubt

- Attain the elusive Flow state, enhancing productivity and creativity.

- Achieving sustainable change in overall physical and psychological well-being

- Experience resilience after setbacks, regaining confidence in oneself and one's purpose

I am trusted:

"An oasis in the digital chaos! Anna has been a beacon of hope. Her coaching extends far beyond the surface, delving into the depths of one's being. Anna guided me through the storms of anxiety and exhaustion, teaching me to get up after failures and reclaim faith in myself. The mindfulness and authenticity cultivated have birthed a harmony within, guiding me towards sustainable well-being. A transformative journey that's a gift to anyone seeking inner peace amidst the tech whirlwind."

Kate Mart, 35 years

"Enigmatic! Working with Anna has been a revelation. From the depths of high-functioning anxiety to the serene shores of inner calm and focus, this coaching navigates the labyrinth of the mind with ease. Through tailored meditation and insightful psychological tools, I've transcended limitations, unlocking a flow state that fuels my creativity and productivity. Her guidance not only heals but ignites transformation, allowing me to stand tall after failures, rekindling faith in myself and my journey."

Mari, 32 years

"Anna's coaching is the secret weapon for tech professionals seeking peak performance. With her expertise, I've transcended burnout, embracing resilience and combating self-doubt effectively. The tailored strategies rewire the mind, propelling me into the flow state effortlessly. My thinking has skyrocketed in speed, depth, and originality, maximizing my intellectual potential. Plus, the sustainable changes in my well-being? Life-changing!"

Mark, 40 years

A little more about me

I provide a transformative space for releasing anxiety, cultivating inner peace and unlocking one's fullest potential

My aim is to inspire deep connections, foster a sense of belonging, and bring fulfillment to every moment


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